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Recycle your empty cartridges and support charity

By handing in your empty cartridges, you contribute to the four charities RecycleClub supports in each country. You choose if you want to donate to a specific charity or if your donation should be divided among the 4 charities equally. Curious what your donation will accomplish? Discover what every charity stands for.

KWF Dutch Cancer Society

With your contribution to the KWF Dutch Cancer Society more money is made available for research to understand, detect and treat cancer. KWF supports patients suffering from cancer, patients that are terminally ill and works to prevent people from getting cancer. By handing in your empty ink cartridge you contribute to a better life with and without cancer. Please visit the website of KWF to see more information about this charity: https://www.kwf.nl/en/english. 


Dream4Kids organizes unique dream days for children between 6 and 12 years old that suffered trauma. When the child’s situation is stable once again, Dream4Kids grants these children a wish of a lifetime during their dream day. They work hard to show these children perspective and the positive side of life. When you donate the reimbursement gained by handing in your cartridge to us you help creating a wonderful time for these children, they truly deserve it! Unfortunately the website of Dream4Kids is only in Dutch, but if you want you can read more about this charity: https://www.dream4kids.nl/.

Stichting DierenLot

There are still many animals the are abused and neglected. Stichting Dierenlot supports  Er zijn nog steeds te veel dieren in Nederland die worden verwaarloosd, mishandeld of aan hun lot worden overgelaten. Stichting Dierenlot steunt animal and other organisation commited to saving these animals. With your support they finance medicine, construction, surgery and transportation. The website is only in Dutch, but you can read more about Stichting Dierenlot on: https://www.dier.nu/.

Plastic Soup Foundation

It is important to put a stop to plastic pollution and therefore with you donation you support Plastic Soup Foundation. If current production continues, there will be about 1.2 billion ton plastic waste landfilled or ending up in nature. Plastic Soup Foundation’s goal is to stop plastic pollution at it’s source. They share knowledge about the dangers of using and disposing plastic and want to achieve an absolute reduction of the amount of plastic used. Read about this foundation on: https://www.plasticsoupfoundation.org/en.

By recycling your ink cartridges, you support charities that have a good cause. You choose if you want to donate to a specific charity or if your donation should be divided among the 4 charities equally.

Check what your cartridges are worth and contribute to the environment and society!

Follow these steps to hand in the empty ink cartridges from your printer and donate the value to charity


Check the value

Click the button below and calculate the value for your empty inkjet cartridges. Simply fill in the number of cartridges per type and see the total amount you will receive or donate.


Ship the cartridges to us *temporarily free of charge*

You will receive a shipping label to send your cartridges to RecycleClub, free of charge.


Donate the reimbursement to charity

*NEW* From now on you can always choose where the proceeds from returning your empty ink cartridges go to. Either donate it to charity or have it reimbursed to yourself.

See what your cartridges are worth