Your empty inkjet cartridges are worth money

  • High value per cartridge
  • Reimbursement paid into your account or donated to charity
  • Your cartridges will be recycled
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Group 12@2x
12.594 cartridges returned
EUR 25.717,25 paid out
481 kg of recycled cartridges

Earn money by collecting and handing in emtpy ink cartridges!

By handing in your empty HP -, Canon  or own brand cartridges to RecycleClub you will receive a reimbursement! You can choose to pay out this reimbursement to your bank account or to directly donate it to charities that contribute to the environment and society.

In Europe alone, every year 212 million empty ink cartridges are incinerated or landfilled. This equals 750.000 m3; enough to fill 2 entire football stadiums each year. This is an enormous waste, because those same empty ink cartridges can be reused 2 to 3 times! Hand in your empty inkjet cartridges to RecycleClub and we will transfer a substantial reimbursement to charity or to your personal bank account. Click here to read about the 3 most important reasons for handing in empty ink cartridges.


Check the value

Go to the calculator below on this website to check the value of your empty ink cartridges. Simply fill in the amount of cartridges you have per type and see the total reimbursement you will receive or donate.


Ship the cartridges to us *temporarily free of charge*

You will receive a shipping label to send your cartridges to RecycleClub. This is free of charge until 31 December 2021.


Money for you or for charity

*NEW* From now on you can always choose where the proceeds from returning your empty ink cartridges go to. Either donate it to charity or have it reimbursed to yourself.

See what your cartridges are worth

You can support these 4 charities

Because RecycleClub recycles your cartridges, you contribute to a circular economy. Together we can reduce the environmental pressure of ink cartridges.

Furthermore, through RecycleClub you can support 4 different charities that contribute to the environment and society. More information about handing in ink cartridges for charity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is payment made?
As soon as your package arrives, you will receive a confirmation email. Your package will be checked. You will receive your payment by bank transfer within 7 days after the contents of your package have been sorted and counted.
How is the compensation transferred to the charities?
At the end of each year, the total value of returned cartridges will be divided by 4, after which each charity will receive an equal percentage of the total value collected.
Is the compensation that RecycleClub gives up to date?
The prices are updated twice a month, so you will always receive the most up-to-date market value for your empty inkjet cartridges.
Does RecycleClub also buy damaged cartridges?
RecycleClub only pays for inkjet cartridges without any damage on the copper part (the print head).
My cartridge is not in your calculator?
This cartridge has no value. You cannot hand it in via this platform. You can hand it in by placing it in a red RecycleClub container in your recycling area. Or hand it in a collection box in your retailshop.
How much does it cost to return my empty cartridges to RecycleClub?
Handing in your empty cartridges is free of charge. Depending on the number and value of the cartridges, you will receive a return envelope or return label to send the items to RecycleClub free of charge.
When can I expect to receive my revenue?
Your compensation will be paid after your parcel has been checked in our sorting centre. The payment will follow 14 days after your package has been checked.
How do you ensure my privacy?
We do not share personal data with third parties. We take protection of personal data seriously and take fitting precautions to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorised changes. Your data will be stored on a secure server within the European Union. Click here for the full privacy statement.
What does RecycleClub do with the empty cartridges?
All used cartridges that come to us are stripped of packaging materials. They are then carefully sorted, visually inspected and packed by item. These boxes go to our production facility, where the cartridges undergo a second visual inspection and an electronic check. If it turns out that the cartridge is still functioning properly, it will be intensively cleaned, filled via a vacuum filling method, subjected to a strict quality control and packed with a 100% quality guarantee. This allows us to offer you good and cheaper alternative cartridges.
Can I also contact RecycleClub?
Yes, you can contact us. We are happy to answer all of your questions. By phone: +31 (0) 76-2016009 By e-mail: 
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