Recycle your used HP ink cartridges for a better environment

With RecycleClub your empty HP ink cartridges are worth money! Hand in your HP ink cartridge free of charge and receive the value you see in the calculator. You choose if we transfer the money to your bank account or if you want to donate it to charity. The undamaged ink cartridges will be remanufactured. You can re-buy these ink cartridges as private label ink cartridges at several large retailers. This means you contribute to circular ink cartridges. This way you contribute to a better environment and society.

How do you hand in empty ink cartridges?

Do you have empty HP cartridges? You can easily hand them in with RecycleClub, free of charge! Before you send them to us, you check the value. If your ink cartridge does not represent any value you can take it to a large consumer electronic retailer close to you like Ryman, MediaMarkt or Bureau Vallée. Most HP ink cartridge do represent value. Carefully pack them in a box or egg carton and send them to us using the shipment label we provide for you. This way you can send the parcel to us free of charge. If you want us to reimburse the value of the cartridges to your personal bank account you may expect this to be completed within 7 days after sending the parcel. We take this time to carefully check the cartridges’ quality and damages. We also offer the possibility of donating the reimbursement to charity.

Unfortunately, you cannot hand in cartridges from brands aside from HP and Canon

We strive to be able to reuse all ink cartridges. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. That is why we need to make a selection early on in the supply chain. Namely, due to the logistical handling it is more harmful for the environment to take back ink cartridge that do not represent value for re-use and having to dispose of them after transport. It is much better to return these cartridges that are not reimbursed to the store you purchased them. When you hand in these cartridges there we can ensure responsible handling and processing.

More information?

For more information and questions you can contact us per telephone: :+31 (0) 76-2016009 or email:


Check the value of your HP cartridge

Click on the button below and calculate the value for your empty HP inkjet cartridges. Simply fill in the number of cartridges per type and see the total amount you will receive or donate.


Ship the cartridges to us *temporarily free of charge*

You will receive a shipping label to send your cartridges to RecycleClub, free of charge.


Money for you or for charity

*NEW* From now on you can always choose where the proceeds from returning your empty ink cartridges go to. Either donate it to charity or have it reimbursed to yourself.

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