Defect cartridges

When cartridges show defects this will be detected by our sorting team. No reimbursement will be given for cartridges that show these defects. There are 3 defects by which a cartridge completely loses it’s value for reimbursement. You can easily check this yourself. All defects are related to damages to the printhead. This is the copper/silver part on the bottom of the cartridge. This is the part of the cartridge making prints on the paper. You can image that defects of this part cause the cartridge to loose its ability of reuse.

  • Scratched or dented printhead
  • Loose printhead
  • Printhead clogged by dried up ink


Our tip!

Before sending us the cartridges, please check if these defects are applicable for your cartridges. When sending us the cartridges without defects we advise using a solid cardboard box and packing the cartridges safe and snug inside. This prevents damage during transport.


You can see a couple of examples of defects in the image on the right.

Examples of defect cartridges